Everybody does:

Row Instruction

A) 5 rounds:
500m row
Rest 3 minutes between rounds.
The maximum strokes per minute allowed today is 25. Longer taller rowers will be better suited in the 18-22 range and shorter athletes a bit higher than that. Stick with the prescribed stroke rate and be powerful on each stroke.
The goal today is to be efficient and powerful, not to row each 500 as fast as possible.

A) Tabata Hollow Holds

B)Ring Push-ups 5×4 @ 33X2
3 second descent
3 second hold @ bottom
Explode up
2 seconds @ top

3 rounds:
10 Dislocates
20 Face Pulls

  • Mike Foster

    Good workout today. The rowing power just disappeared after the first 3 rounds. Hollow holds and ring work were great